PathWize Beta User Guide


The Depot is where you can use your hard earned credits to purchase supply packages that can contain one or more of the following items:

Depot Features

The depot scene displays available supply packages in a supply pack picker. An information screen provides details about the supply package and what might be found inside. Your available credits earned by building paths and completing shifts and workdays is shown, along with supply pack purchasing options.

Supply Pack Picker

The supply pack picker responds to the same gestures as the equipment picker. Browse the picker for the supply package that you want to purchase.

As you change the displayed supply package, the information screen and purchasing options change according to the potential contents and available options for the selected package.

Purchase Options

The purchasing options change depending on the selected supply package type.

The PathWize Demolition Academy Supply Package can only be purchased through the in-game purchase option. The game will be free to download and play with restrictions. Purchasing the PathWize Demolition Academy certificate is how users will initially 'Pay' for the game. Note: in the Beta releases, this does not really do anything with your Apple account. For testing purposes, you can 'Purchase' the Academy supply package or use Cash to purchase any supply package as many times as you want.

Small packages can only be purchased with earned game credits. These packages are best when first staring out and you don't have many credits available to purchase supply packs.

Larger packages can be purchased with either earned game credits or through the in-game purchase option. Build up (or save up) earned game credits to purchase these packages.

Supply Pack Contents

The items found in supply packages vary according to the package. As packages go up in price, the quantity, value and utility of the contained items goes up as well. Very powerful, extremely rare tools and equipment mods, and the highest certification levels will only be found in the more expensive and exclusive supply packages.

Both Tools and Equipment (including Explosives) can be loosly classified as Common, Uncommon, Rare and Ultra-Rare items.

Common items are less powerful or provide less boost. Common items can be found in any supply package, and the less expensive supply packages will primarily contain Common items.

Uncommon items are in general more powerful and valuable than Common items. Uncommon items can be found in any supply package, and the less expensive supply packages might contain some Uncommon items.

Rare items have in general good power, value and attribute boosting powers. The higher level upgrades for some Common and Uncommon items are considered Rare. Rare items will be found only in the more expensive supply packages.

Ultra-Rare items are extremely powerful or provide the highest certification levels, and will be found only in the most expensive supply packages.

Supply Pack Purchasing

In the main Depot scene, select the desired supply package and the purchase option. You will be presented with a confirmation scene with the details of the selected purchase.

To complete the purchase, tap the Purchase Button.

A supply pack order will be filled in the stock room and delivered for review. The supply pack reviewer responds to the same gestures as the equipment picker.

After reviewing the items found in the supply package, you can return to the Depot to purchase additional supply packages or you can leave the Depot and return to the main scene.