PathWize Beta User Guide

Main Scene (Main Menu)

The main scene is the starting point for all activities.

Quick Start

Just installed the game?

Jump right in and Go To Work! There's no need to set up anything. Take a look at the Game Play tab in this user guide then tap the Go To Work button and play a few shifts to get a feel for the game. Once you've played some, come back here to read up on the details and other features of PathWize.

Normal Game Play

Once you're familiar with the game, have played some shifts, visited the Depo and have new tools or equipment, or you just want more of a challenge, the typical flow is to

Design Note: the Equipment and Tools button positions will be reversed to match the normal recommended flow.

It is not necessary to follow this exact order. It is fine to select the challenge after setting up the tools and equipment or not at all. You don't even have to set up tools and equipment if you're happy with the current tools and equipment. The setup tasks can be accomplished in any order at any time, or not at all before starting a new workday.


Pick the workday and location. The current settings are shown next to the button. You don't have to set this every time, the last used setting is used by default.


Setup you tools for the workday. The currently equipped tools are shown next to the button. You don't have to set up the tools every time, the last used configuration is used by default.


Choose support equipment and demolition explosives for the workday. Some equipment types are consumables and may be depleted between workdays. If a line is red or yellow, you should visit the Equipment Barn to setup available support equipment.

Go To Work

Tap the Go To Work button to play the game. Like the real deal, don't forget to set things up first, once you get to work, any consumables will be lost if you leave work early.

Spending Credits

Go to the Depot to purchase supply packages. Supply packages contain new tools and equipment, upgrades, consumables, and training certificates.


There are a few Options that can be changed to customize graphics and sound. The options-Beta menu can be used to "cheat", allowing the beta tester to reset inventory, have unlimited credits, and give advanced qualifications.

Fixed Test Matrix

The Testing matrix can be used to select from a fixed set of tools and challenge levels. Playing a few games from the test matrix provides a representative feel for advancement through the challenge levels as well as higher level tools, equipment and demolition.

Note: the test matrix is a beta test feature only. It will not be in a regular release.