PathWize Beta User Guide


Note: options are very incomplete, these features will probably change considerably.

The first button does nothing just to avoid making UI changes in the current version.

Graphics Options

The Options scene is designed for Landscape mode.

When you first enter the options scene, it will probably look something like this:

This is because the code is not correctly detecting the orientation. Just rotate the device a couple of times and then back to Landscape mode. Some items are still in the wrong place, but you can at least make the desired adjustments. This is what it should look like:

Background Options

The game play scene uses many different backgrounds underneath the grid. Some of the background are light and some are darker. These are not yet finalized, but one feature that is planned is to allow the user to tint or fade the background to make the path pieces and obstacles more obvious or easier to see. This is currently supported through changing an overlay that is actually on top of the background to tint the background a very dark midnight blue.

Bug Note: If the background image is changed in this options scene, the background tint setting is reset to none (ignored). Tap the background contrast slider to set the effect again (no need to drag, just touch it).

The following 3 images are snapshots of the same background image with different tints.

First with the slider to the left, the background image is completely obscured.

With slider moved to the right, the background is barely scene through the tint.

With the slider all the way to the right, the background has full contrast, no tinting.

Grid Options

Another feature is to allow the user to make the grid more or less obvious. Try playing the game without a grid to see how that might change the look and feel.

The opacity of the grid can be adjusted with the top slider.

Beta Options

Beta options are for beta testing - they will not be in the final release version of the game.

Reset Player Inventory

Completely clears your inventory, certifications and credits. This does a reset as if the game has just been installed on your device.

Reset Quals

Clears your certifications. This resets only your qualifications, it is useful for testing the initial purchase of the 'Academy' cert.

Toggle Credit Mode

In normal mode, you only have the credits earned by playing the game. In unlimited credits mode, you become a billionaire. The idea is to enable unlimited spending and testing of the Depot features.

C4, HMX, OctaNC, 2 Bins, 3 Bins, 4 Bins, Heavy Adv, Heavy Pro

Note: these quals will work correctly only after purchasing the 'Academy' certification. They assume the player has purchased the game. If you reset your inventory or reset quals, first go the Depot and purchase the 'Academy' cert, then grant yourself one or more of these options.

Each of these buttons grants the associated certification. Combined with the Toggle Credit Mode option, it is possible to simulate having played many games and advancing to higher levels of tools, tool bins, certs, etc. Give yourself a bunch of credits and qualifications, then go to the Depot and purchase a bunch of supply packs of various sizes and you'll have a good inventory to attempt playing the Journeyman or Master levels.

Show Quals

This brings up a dialog box displaying your current certifications.